Direct Contract Services Inc. (DCSI) and its affiliates have been providing professional maintenance and janitorial services to all of Southern California

for more than 20 years.

Our goal is to satisfy the building and janitorial needs of all of our clients. At DCSI we offer services to a wide variety of markets, including:


  1. Corporate/Commercial Buildings

  2. Manufacturing Facilities

  3. Health Care Facilities

  4. Retail Facilities

  5. Government Facilities

  6. Entertainment Complexes

  7. Movie Theaters

  8. Casinos

  9. Charter Schools

  10. Financial Institutions

  11. Public Venues

  12. Sporting Venues

  13. Condo/Townhouse Associations

  14. Apartment Buildings

Our maintenance programs are designed to fit and satisfy the needs of every customer.

To speak with one of our qualified staff contact us at 1-877-248-3589 or email us at